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Expert Safe Cracking with King Locksmiths

Need professional safe cracking services in Maryland and DC?

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King Locksmiths Safe Cracking

Safe Cracking

The process of opening a safe without the combination is called safe cracking. If you have a safe that is unable to open or the combination is lost, then you will need professional safe cracking services. When you have a safe that needs to be opened, then King Locksmiths is the solution to your problem.

King Locksmiths is a professional Maryland locksmith servicing the MD and DC areas. We are completely bonded and insured and only hire locksmiths with more than 5 years of experience in the field. We also offer upfront prices on all of our services and provide free quotes before performing any work. Additionally, you can expect fast and friendly mobile locksmiths that come to your location 24/7, day or night.

How Can You Crack Open a Locked Safe?

We use a variety of methods to open all types of safes. The safe unlocking solutions we use depend on many factors. This includes the type of safe and how the locking mechanism works. A service technician will need to examine your safe to determine the best method for getting the safe open.

One method that is used for safe cracking is by manipulation. This is a technique using sound and even touch to figure out the combination. Many safes make a subtle sound when turning the dials. When this technique is appropriate for the situation, then a stethoscope is used to amplify the sounds made by the lock. Manipulation is typical for a mechanical lock. Safes often take an hour or more to open using this method.

Another method used for safe cracking is drilling. This technique requires a drill to make a hole to dial a mechanical safe open. The hole is needed to use a precision instrument that is able to manipulate the lock. However, drilling is only an option for safes that do not have hard plates or barrier materials used as security measures.

Safe Opening

Professional Safe Opening

Successful safe cracking is also done by scoping the safe. This method for getting a safe open requires drilling a hole to observe the working aspects of the lock. Scoping is the best method for opening safes that have glass re-lockers and mechanical locks that are manipulation-proof. The goal of scoping safes is to observe the change key hole. The markings that are found on the wheel pack of combination locks to use as a guide to dial the safe open.

Why Call King Locksmiths for Your Safe?

Our MD and DC locksmiths are completely bonded and insured. This means you can breathe easy knowing we won’t cause additional damage to your safe or won’t pose a security threat. You need a local locksmith you can rely on, especially when it comes to valuables locked in a residential or commercial safe.

Combinations that are lost or unknown is the most common reason why you would need a safe cracking locksmith. If you need assistance for your residential or commercial safe or vault, then contact us for help.


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