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24/7 Toll Free: (877) 285-0408
Maryland: (240) 345-1455
Washington DC: (202)800-2622
Baltimore: (410) 670-7799

Unlocking Excellence: King Locksmith and Doors’ Exclusive Baldwin Hardware Solutions for Homes and Light Commercial Spaces.

Baldwin Hardware Services with King Locksmith and Doors Inc

Welcome to King Locksmith and Doors Inc. – Your Premier Source for Comprehensive Baldwin Lock Solutions in the DMV Area

At King Locksmith and Doors Inc., we take immense pride in extending a warm welcome to you as your trusted and dedicated partner for all your Baldwin lock needs in the DMV (Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia) area. We recognize that the importance of both security and style cannot be overstated, and our mission is to assist you in seamlessly achieving both through the esteemed excellence of Baldwin.

We are Your Trusted Experts in Baldwin Lock Installation.

 As the leading specialists in Baldwin lock installation in the DMV, we bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in understanding the unique security requirements of this dynamic region. Our seasoned team is ready to provide expert guidance, meticulous planning, and precise execution of Baldwin lockset installations that not only maximize security but also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property. Our commitment goes beyond traditional locksmithing. We offer a comprehensive suite of Baldwin services, each meet your specific needs

Our experts are here to guide you through the selection process, ensuring that you choose the perfect Baldwin lockset for your property. We then execute a flawless installation, guaranteeing maximum security, functionality, and visual harmony with your space. King Locksmith and Doors Inc. provide r reliable Baldwin Lock Repair and Replacement Services, our team is poised to promptly address any issues. We specialize in comprehensive repairs that restore your locks to peak performance, and our replacement services offer not just security but peace of mind.

Baldwin Bell Button with King Locksmith and Doors Inc.

Baldwin offers a variety of Mortise locks to cater to different security and design requirements. Some key types of Baldwin Mortise locks include:

  • Single Cylinder Mortise Locks: These locks are operated with a key from the outside, while a thumbturn or knob controls the lock from the inside. They are typically used in residential entry doors.
  • Double Cylinder Mortise Locks: Both the exterior and interior sides of these locks require a key for operation. While they provide enhanced security, it’s important to note that they may require a key to exit the building, which can be a safety consideration in emergencies.
  • Pocket Door Mortise Locks: Designed for sliding pocket doors, these locks have a flush design that fits within the door frame, offering a space-saving and streamlined solution.
  • Multi-Point Mortise Locks: Multi-point locks are often used in entry doors and feature multiple locking points along the door’s edge. They provide additional security by securing the door at multiple locations.
  • Decorative Mortise Locks: Baldwin offers a range of decorative options with various finishes, knobs, and levers. These locks not only offer security but also serve as elegant design elements for both interior and exterior doors.
  • Electronic Mortise Locks: Baldwin also provides electronic Mortise locks with keyless entry and smart technology features, offering convenient and secure access control.

These are the main types of Baldwin Mortise locks, and they are available in various styles and finishes to complement different architectural and design preferences. When selecting a Baldwin Mortise lock, you can choose the type that best aligns with your security needs and aesthetic preferences.

When it comes to securing your residential or light commercial space with Baldwin locking systems and hardware, King Locksmith and Doors Inc. is your trusted partner. Serving the Maryland and Washington DC areas, we’re your go-to experts for all things Baldwin. From repairs to replacements and installations, we take on any locksmith or door job with unparalleled expertise and dedication.

Don’t compromise on security or style. Contact King Locksmith and Doors Inc. today to discuss your Baldwin locking system and hardware needs. Whether you’re looking for installation, repair, or replacement, we’re here to provide you with the unique and unmatched service you deserve. Trust us to elevate your security with the excellence of Baldwin.

Baldwin Mortise Locksets with King Locksmith and Doors Inc.
Baldwin Polished Brass with King Locksmiths and Doors Inc.

When it comes to the repair and replacement of Baldwin Mortise mechanism parts, you can rely on the expertise of King Locksmith and Doors. Our highly skilled technicians are well-versed in addressing all your Mortise lock needs with precision. Whether it’s fixing a faulty component to restore the smooth operation of your lock or substituting worn parts to bolster security, we ensure that Baldwin’s intricately engineered mechanism parts are professionally serviced. We recognize the significance of a dependable and secure lock system for your property, and our team is committed to delivering efficient and effective repair and replacement solutions. With King Locksmith and Doors, your Baldwin Mortise lock remains in optimal working condition, ensuring both peace of mind and top-tier security.

Baldwin Hardware Products and How King Locksmith and Doors Can Assist:

Baldwin Hardware primarily specializes in offering a wide array of residential door hardware products, with various categories that King Locksmith and Doors Inc. could assist homeowners with. For instance, when it came to door knobs and levers, Baldwin presented a diverse range of options, known for their premium materials and diverse styles and finishes. King Locksmith and Doors Inc team could provide invaluable support by offering services such as installation, repair, or replacement of these Baldwin door knobs and levers, ensuring that the hardware is not only properly installed but also functions securely.

Baldwin Mix and Match Knobs
Baldwin Complete Lever Sets with King Locksmiths and Doors Inc.

Handlesets, another product category by Baldwin, combined a door handle, deadbolt, and other features to enhance both security and aesthetics. King Locksmith and Doors Inc could expertly install and repair these handlesets, ensuring that they not only looked stylish but also provided the utmost security.

Baldwin Deadbolt Locks with King Locksmiths and  Doors Inc.

Baldwin’s deadbolts were renowned for their durability and security features. In this regard, King Locksmith and Doors Inc. could offer professional installation and repair services, including rekeying, to guarantee that these deadbolts function optimally, ensuring maximum security for homeowners.

Additionally, Baldwin Hardware offered cabinet hardware options, including knobs and pulls, which could significantly enhance the overall aesthetic of kitchen and bathroom cabinets.  Keyless entry systems, which Baldwin might provide, offered convenient and secure access to homes. In this context, King Locksmith and Doors Inc. was proficient in installing and programming Baldwin keyless entry systems, ensuring that homeowners could enter their homes easily and securely.

Furthermore, Baldwin often offered custom hardware solutions to cater to unique design preferences. In this scenario, King Locksmith and Doors Inc could collaborate with homeowners to select and install custom Baldwin hardware that perfectly matched their home’s design and security requirements. This personalized approach ensured that homeowners could not only enjoy the aesthetics but also the functionality and security of their chosen Baldwin hardware.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our King Locksmith and Doors’ Exclusive Baldwin Hardware Solutions


What Areas Does King Locksmith and Doors Serve for Baldwin Hardware Solutions?

King Locksmith and Doors serves the area of Washington DC, and Maryland.

What Types of Baldwin Mortise Locks Are Available?

Baldwin offers various types of Mortise locks, including Single Cylinder, Double Cylinder, Pocket Door, Multi-Point, Decorative, and Electronic Mortise Locks, each with specific features and applications.

How Can King Locksmith and Doors Assist with Baldwin Hardware Products?

King Locksmith and Doors can help with installation, repair, and replacement of Baldwin residential door hardware products, including door knobs, levers, handlesets, deadbolts, cabinet hardware, keyless entry systems, and custom hardware solutions.

What Services Does King Locksmith and Doors Provide for Baldwin Locks?

King Locksmith and Doors offers services such as Baldwin lock installation, repair, and replacement, ensuring optimal security and functionality for your property.

How Can I Contact King Locksmith and Doors for Baldwin Lock Solutions?

To discuss your Baldwin locking system and hardware needs, you can contact King Locksmith and Doors Inc. for installation, repair, or replacement services by reaching out through their contact information on their website or contacting them directly.




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