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Here you can read some of the reviews from our clients. We would love to help you out so you can join our family of happy customers.  If you would like to read more or write your own review go here, or click on the image below.
King Locksmith Google Reviews

J W. AvatarJ W.
4 star rating I've just had a great experience last week with the work of on of King's technicians named Eddie and his helper Tim. We have two 25 year old steel-framed sliding glass doors. The one off the kitchen that gets an enormouse amount of use had become almost impossible to open and close, and the one off the basement was usable but slowly getting harder to open and close and we were concerened that it would continue to get worse and worse.

The slider off the kitchen roller wheels adjuster had become frozen and one set of rollers was stuck so far down it was almost impossible to get the door off the track and out of the frame to install new roller assemblies. Eddie and Tim worked hard to get that door out without tearing up the frame or the door. Eddie got it out after quite a lot of effort and obviously very experienced technique. He replaced the rollers and re-mounted the door and it works great now. That door slides easily and smooth as silk now. We also had them replace the mortisse (sp?) latch on the door too while they were there it was so old.

The downstairs basement door action improved after they installed new rollers on it, but its frame is not square anymore from settling for 25 years so the door is opens up a slight incline so it still takes a little bit of effort to open and close. But way better than it was with the original old rusty roller assemblies on it so we'll probalby get another 5 -10 years out of it before it has to be replaced.

As far as cost, King is not cheap. Part of the reason is that it takes a crew of two men to come and remove the door from its frame and track to diagnose the problems. Then if you proceed with any repair work the cost for the two of them together is $200/hour. But to be honest, after watching Eddie and his helper, I don't think just anyone could have gotten that kitchen door set out at all, and even more so without damaging the door or the frame around it -much less getting it all back together and working so well again. The cost to put in a cheap sliding glass door is over $2000. -And that would be an all vinyl one, which don't hold up all that well.

Make sure you understand all the costs associated with removing and repairing sliding glass doors before proceeding, but I highly recommend King Lock and Door. They were punctual, pleasant, wore masks, and didn't leave me with a mess. They well worth the cost in my opinion.

I didn't give them that 5th star because of the cost. But I suspect if I had used someone line Blaine who's cheaper but their reviews on Checkbook are abysmal it wouldn't have ended so well. - 9/28/2020 
Emily B. AvatarEmily B.
5 star rating They were very fast and efficient. It wasn't too expensive and the gentleman who came was very nice and we would definitely recommend him too anyone! - 8/06/2020 
TJ Plaming S. AvatarTJ P.
5 star rating King Locksmith and Door the best professional locks and doors company ever!!! I called King Locksmith for a High security Locks service to my store front door. Starts from the manager Shane who send me the quote price quickly to the Technician Jose which did a wonderful job changing the lock and secure my Door!!! This company do everything!!! I got a recommendation from a friend of mine who worked with them before and am so glad I did! - 7/16/2020 
Ivonne S. AvatarIvonne S.
Great service! We were locked out of our home., but Ruiz arrived quickly and got us back inside in no time. Very professional and prompt.

This is the place to call when it's too cold to wait outside! - 1/22/2020 
Cassandra M. AvatarCassandra M.
Jose was AWESOME!! Not only did he perfectly install our new deadbolt, he also noticed that our old skeleton key system was broken, so he decided to go above and beyond to repair it. We were just going to live with it, but he took the time and care to completely dismantle and repair it.

Not only that, but he also made sure I totally understood how the locking system worked (as it's an antique lock that was completely alien to me).

Also, when I changed my mind at the last second about the deadbolt I had chosen, he said it was no problem at all, and happily/quickly replaced it with my new choice.

He was knowledgeable, friendly, efficient, and thorough, and I couldn't be happier with his work! Our house now feels a million times safer and more secure thanks to Jose.

So glad I made this appointment! I wish I could give 20 stars! Highly recommend this company! Ask for Jose!! - 1/06/2020 
Woe D. AvatarWoe D.
Superb quality services! Extremely professional and even better customer service. Called king locksmith and door inc over to my home in NW D.C when I was locked out of my house in the cold. Got me back inside in no time! Highly Recommend! - 12/17/2019 
Rachel S. AvatarRachel S.
Amazing customer service!! I can’t recommend this place enough!
My office is just a few blocks away and I was having some issues with keys that I had previously gotten copied. Shane took my call; he was extremely professional and helpful and made some new copies for me right on the spot (as I told him I was pressed for time).
I will definitely be returning! - 11/17/2019 
Will F. AvatarWill F.
5 star rating This place is great! After a sticky situation with a roommate moving out my other roommate and I needed to get our house rekeyed right away. King Locksmith was able to get someone out immediately. Jose did a great job and was really friendly and quick, plus he was able to come out at 8:30AM on a Saturday. Can't recommend this place enough! - 9/28/2019 
Nancy AvatarNancy
Professional service, outstanding job, well knowledgeable in locksmith service. Thanks for a great job. Technician responded to all my concerns. Thanks - 9/25/2019 
Howard K. AvatarHoward K.
5 star rating We needed our doors to be re-keyed today and Jose from King Locksmith and Doors really took care of us. Amazing customer service and completed the job quickly and flawlessly. Very helpful and knowledge on the type of locks and services needed. I would recommend them to others for any locksmith services!! - 9/20/2019 
Sean S. AvatarSean S.
I will definitely recommend this company!!! Excellent customer service!! John (The Technician) took good care of me and worked with me on my busy schedule. John is very knowledgeable and friendly, taking the time to walk me through the process and the best way to fix my issue. If at anytime I, or a friend, have a problem that needs fixing, I'm calling for John at King Locksmith and Doors, Inc. Everything was Quick, Easy, and Efficient. Perfect!!!! - 9/17/2019 
Amanda M. AvatarAmanda M.
King Locksmith was my knight in shining armor tonight. King fixed my front door in no time at all and the price was more than reasonable. I’m so grateful to their friendly staff, quick dispatch, and expert skills. - 9/11/2019 
Roxy R. AvatarRoxy R.
Such friendly and thorough customer service! I spoke with Shane who was quite professional and positive. Also, John made light work of getting into my front door. My cats were very happy to see me! Thank you! - 9/10/2019 
jay s. Avatarjay s.
Used King Locksmith service for my business, what an excellent efficient staff, great price and fast service.
I am sure next time i will need locksmith service, i will call King Locksmith
would do 10 stars if i can.
Thank you Avi - 8/28/2019 
Tamar D. AvatarTamar D.
I would love to recommend this company!! King Locksmith and Door INC. have really the best service. As I purchased my new home in Chevy Chase MD I found them online, they gave me the final cost upfront for reapring the Front Door and replace the hinges of the Door. Also the Locks replacement in my front, back and basement sliding Doors. I love the fact that they can do everything together! Very professional and friendly Technician! The Technician name was Eddie and he his truly the best. I would use this company in the future for sure! Thank you so much !! - 8/26/2019 
Casey E. AvatarCasey E.
Responded quickly and did a great job repairing my door! Very professional - 8/16/2019 
CE T. AvatarCE T.
With the fact Shane was understanding of my situation. He was calming and assist me while under the rain, even had an umbrella during it all. Took him 10 mins and I was on my way. Good company and definitely saving their number for my next visit in md. Great on pricing 😀 - 8/15/2019 
Aylin G. AvatarAylin G.
Great quality service at an unbeatable price. Steven duplicated my house keys while I spoke with Beth and Shane and one other person (sorry I didn’t catch his name) who gave me some good advice! They were all so attentive, positive, kind, energetic and uplifted my spirit. Much more than a key service. I recommend and would do business with them again! - 8/12/2019 
Sue L. AvatarSue L.
5 star rating Excellent service! Shane was friendly and professional. Highly recommend for all your locksmith needs. They will go to you. - 7/10/2019 
Kaylee C. AvatarKaylee C.
5 star rating Courteous and professional, highly recommended for locksmiths. Copied keys quickly and efficiently. - 7/10/2019 
Stace H. AvatarStace H.
5 star rating Today I found myself locked out of my car while putting something in the truck. I call King Locksmith and Doors and they got a technician to me in 10 minutes!! Not only was the technician able to get the door open quickly but the cost was cheaper then I thought it would be. Great company and my go to for locksmith services! Thanks King! - 6/08/2019 
Annette C. AvatarAnnette C.
I needed to get into my mail box; thank you Isaac and Avi for helping me today, you were fast and friendly. Thank you so very much and I will let everyone I know about King Locksmith and doors, Inc. - 5/21/2019 
Dan P. AvatarDan P.
Great service. Joshua arrived within 45 minutes of my call. I had a complicated issue with my commercial door not being able to close. He would not quit until he finally got it working correctly, saved me a ton on a new door. Recommend! - 4/26/2019 
Marian D. AvatarMarian D.
5 star rating King Locksmith & Doors came through for us last fall, when we needed a faulty screen door handle repaired. And it was a really cold day. Our screen door has sliding glass panels for cold-season insulation, and I had pushed the glass into place. But we realised with the screen door's broken door handle, there was the looming probability of getting locked out when the insulation glass was in place and we could no longer reach through the door screen to unlatch the door. I called King. Their dispatcher, Shane, was so helpful, and sent help that same day. In fact, the repair person made two trips to our house that day, and worked outside on a really cold, windy day. We plan to do business with King Locksmith again. - 4/17/2019 
Carlos S. AvatarCarlos S.
5 star rating He was at my location quick and he was fast. This has happen to me 3 other times yes 3 times and each time it took over 40 mins , the last one took over an hour. Granted my truck makes it a pit difficult he was done less than 15 mins. That's impressive. Thank you so much and you are definitely a bad ass in your industry. - 4/03/2019 
Sarah H. AvatarSarah H.
Dude showed up on time and took less than a minute to get in my car. More expensive than I thought, but the service was solid and he did what I needed him to do. And I probably saved $$$ in the long run by not bashing window in😊 - 4/01/2019 
Katherine C. AvatarKatherine C.
5 star rating Shane at King Locksmith is wonderful. Long story short, our home was broken into while we were on our honeymoon and a friend had to coordinate repairs for us while we were 14,000 miles away. Luckily, she found King Locksmith. We had a complicated situation where our door that needed replacing wasn't a standard size, and there was some back-and-forth about what our options were. Once we got home, Shane personally came with the technician on a Saturday so that he could understand exactly what needed to be done and ensure that it was taken care of. Instead of a 4-6 week custom order, King Locksmith found a solution that only took one day to complete. We're planning on having them come back in the next couple of months to replace all of our locks, extended kick plates, and a security gate on our back door. I would definitely recommend them to anyone in the DC area. - 2/10/2019 
Gordon Y. AvatarGordon Y.
5 star rating I used them a few weeks ago. Tech showed up promptly and got me back into my house fast and efficient. Prices were fair. Will definitely use them in the future. - 1/30/2019 
Helen B. AvatarHelen B.
I locked myself out of my car and I called them. Conveniently they are across the street from my job so they had a guy out to me within 2 minutes!!! He was so sweet and fast. In 10 mins he had gotten my car open and I had filled out the paperwork and paid him. I paid $124 which was a little high but totally worth it. - 1/16/2019 
Aaron B. AvatarAaron B.
This company was awesome, I completely tried to install a keyless front door by myself & messed up, and I called this company the day before Christmas and they answered all of my questions precisely & quickly during the holiday weekend. Within an hour I had a locksmith technician at my house & my door was installed within less than a half and hour. I would definitely recommend them they did a fantastic good. I also, worked with the boss on a fair price for the service work. Five stars to these guys. - 1/10/2019 
Edgard C. AvatarEdgard C.
5 star rating I have to say it takes a great team to make a GREAT company.... that's why we can open doors, for you and your family.... look I know it sounds cheesy but it's like an old, grimy, rusty bicycle crank that you put oil on and you are pushing down as hard as you can but you just need to put on 20lbs. Lol.. we are good people.

And yes I'm one of the locksmiths at King locksmith and Doors inc.

I can make a difference... - 1/10/2019 
Aaron B. AvatarAaron B.
5 star rating This company was awesome, I completely tried to install a keyless front door by myself & messed up, and I called this company the day before Christmas and they answered all of my questions precisely & quickly during the holiday weekend. Within an hour I had a locksmith technician at my house & my door was installed within less than a half and hour. I would definitely recommend them they did a fantastic good. I also, worked with the boss on a fair price for the service work. Five stars to these guys. - 1/09/2019 
Ceechelle N. AvatarCeechelle N.
5 star rating Sincerely pleased with the responsiveness, timeliness, tenacity and overarching professionalism of Edgard's service call. Not to reiterate the text of the other high, consistent reviews previously given for this locksmith service, yet I can affirm my experience and outcome proved successful. Edgard encountered a bit of a challenge during the keying effort due to the inherent characteristics of the doors previously installed and he persevered until the original task objective was completed. We are very very satisfied and would call King Locksmith again for future requirements. Thank you so much. - 1/05/2019 
Bola W. AvatarBola W.
5 star rating Believe the hype! Edgar is great seriously. I needed a key extraction on very short notice, I called in and Ed called me back in literally 7 minutes and said he would be out in about 30 mins. He actually showed up 30 mins later and was very pleasant to work with.

The key that needed extraction was jammed in the key hole and Edgar got it out after a few moments of maneuvering and manipulating the broken key tip.

I actually called a few other locksmiths who were going to charge me more and a few who didn't even answer, Ed was very reasonably priced, was quick, efficient, a pleasure to work with and provided excellent service! - 1/01/2019 
Ryan H. AvatarRyan H.
Ed is the man. Came out Christmas evening after I got locked out. He showed true passion and nice qualities you don't normally see around here! - 12/27/2018 
Joel D. AvatarJoel D.
5 star rating We've hired this company twice. Both times due to after hours lock failures. Both times they scheduled repair guys at times convenient for me, and they guys arrived right on time, worked quickly, and were very polite. They also expedited shipping of a part they didn't have in stock. I would definitely recommended them. - 12/27/2018 
Ryan H. AvatarRyan H.
5 star rating I was locked out my house on Christmas Eve. Ed came to my rescue and got me in fairly quickly and changed the knob in person plus gave me a set of keys and not just one.

Thanks to Ed, I didn't have to spend Christmas in the cold. Thank you so much! 5/5 will be recommending again. - 12/27/2018 
Nili G. AvatarNili G.
Amazing job, Avi! Super fast, affordable and highly competent. Couldn’t ask for a better locksmith. They are my go-to locksmith and also do a nice job with doors and other things around the house! - 12/26/2018 
Ari G. AvatarAri G.
5 star rating As their name indicates, they are the KING of locksmiths. Super quick, affordable, competent, and friendly. I highly recommend them, especially Avi. He was awesome. - 12/26/2018 
Sandra D. AvatarSandra D.
AMAZING. My keys were taken from my front door. Called they sent someone right away. Technician gave me am ETA and arrived as stated. He was well spoken, well dressed, and well trained to rekey both the top and bottom lock. I highly recommend them. - 12/16/2018 
Anne B. AvatarAnne B.
5 star rating We've used King Locksmith and Doors for rekeying, hardware replacement, and more. They've always been very helpful and have done great work. They can make it out very quickly when you are in need, usually same day service, and they've been out on holidays and evenings before. I would highly recommend them and will continue to use them for any future needs we have! - 12/13/2018 
Kimberly M. AvatarKimberly M.
5 star rating This company is awesome. I called to inquire about having a lock changed . They had someone out to me within an hour . The technician Edgar was THE BEST! I would use them again with no hesitation - 12/06/2018 
Michael L. AvatarMichael L.
Called their service line at 12:10pm and Edgar called to confirm and showed up at my store by 1:05pm and did a great job and was finished in 20 minutes. Fastest service I ever had with a locksmith. Edgar has a great personality and pleasant to work with. Thank you very much, will use again in the future for sure. - 12/05/2018 
Michael L. AvatarMichael L.
5 star rating Called their service line at 12:10pm and Edgar called to confirm and showed up at my store by 1:05pm and did a great job and was finished in 20 minutes. Fastest service I ever had with a locksmith. Edgar has a great personality and pleasant to work with. Thank you very much, will use again in the future for sure. - 12/05/2018 
Tony B. AvatarTony B.
I was able to get 12 locks replaced in 2.5 hours. The technician was efficient and the price for the job was outstanding. If I ever require lock services in the future I will definitely call King Locksmith and I will refer them to anyone needing similar services. - 11/30/2018 
Erica D. AvatarErica D.
5 star rating Excellent service! Went the extra mile to make sure the doors were secure! Thank you Edgar for your professional service. - 11/30/2018 
Steve B. AvatarSteve B.
King Locksmith and Doors Inc, what can I say, but a great company that is reliable, courteous, and cares about their customer needs. They are constant professionals, they have installed several commercial grade locks in our pediatric dental office and have assisted us with lockouts when they occur. They are quick and knowledgeable, and they are the only locksmith we use. If your looking for great locksmith, look no further than King Locksmith and Doors. - 11/19/2018 
Anna W. AvatarAnna W.
5 star rating Had a very good experience with this locksmith. We called with a bit of an emergency, and they sent a very amiable and capable young technician, Lewis, who promptly replaced our broken lock and made us several keys. I would definitely recommend this company if you find yourself in dire straits. Thank you! - 7/19/2018 
Maryam H. AvatarMaryam H.
5 star rating I had a great experience using their service. The repairman, Joshua, is very talented. He fixed my broken slide door's lock. He placed a new one, drew new holes to the door lock to make sure it locks properly. Their price is affordable and get the job done in a really short time. Will definitely hire them for any future issues. I highly recommend their service!! - 6/23/2018 
Samantha N. AvatarSamantha N.
4 star rating Not only did he fix my door hinge late at night, but he showed me how to properly maintain and keep it in good condition. He worked very quickly and I cannot say enough good things about this company. Can't believe how lucky I was to find someone honest/won't rip you off w/ sales talk. - 11/24/2017 

“Their service is outstanding!”

– Ashley

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