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24/7 Toll Free: (877) 285-0408
Maryland: (240) 345-1455
Washington DC: (202)800-2622
Baltimore: (410) 670-7799

Installation and Repair Of Hardware Door Locks By Professional Locksmiths and Door Lock Repair Services in DC and MD

Featuring a skilled technician with black uniform and cap performing door lock repair services with precision and expertise.

Efficient Door Lock Repair Services for Your Hardware Door Locks

Our efficient door lock repair services cater to both your home and business hardware door locks. At King Door and Lock, we specialize in the installation and repair of door locks, ensuring that your property remains secure. Our comprehensive door lock services encompass commercial lock solutions, providing your business with the highest level of security. Whether you need a simple lock repair or a complete lock replacement, our expert technicians are here to assist. 

With our expertise in door lock services, you can trust us to safeguard your property and enhance its security efficiently and effectively.

Professional Door Lock Installation and Repair in MD and DC

When it comes to professional hardware door lock installation and repair in MD and DC, our residential locksmith services are second to none. We specialize in door installation and repair services, ensuring that your property’s security is top-notch. Our team is dedicated to providing the best-in-class service for all your door-related needs. Whether you require a new door installation or a repair to an existing one, our experts are well-versed in the latest techniques and technologies.

Trust us to deliver the highest standards of quality and security when it comes to your commercial and residential locksmith services in MD and DC.

The Benefits of Door Lock Repair: Enhancing Security and Functionality

When it comes to door lock repair, the advantages extend far beyond simple fixes. In MD & DC, repair services are essential for maintaining the security and functionality of your doors. Whether you’re facing door issues or have door lock repair needs, addressing them promptly is crucial.

Door lock repair in Maryland and DC not only improves security but also enhances the overall functionality of your doors. It ensures that your doors operate smoothly, reducing the risk of getting locked out. Additionally, repairing a door lock is often more cost-effective than a complete door replacement.

Our expert technicians specialize in both door lock repairs and replacements, providing comprehensive solutions to address your specific needs. Don’t neglect your door lock repair needs; contact us today to get door lock repair services that enhance the security and functionality of your property.

Comprehensive Locksmith Services in MD: Residential, Commercial, and Automotive

Our comprehensive locksmith services in MD cover a wide spectrum, catering to residential, commercial, and automotive needs. Whether you’re locked out of your home, need a security upgrade for your business, or require assistance with your vehicle’s locks, we’ve got you covered. Our expert locksmiths are well-equipped to handle various lock and key challenges efficiently and professionally. 

A blue door installed by our professional locksmith, providing reliable door lock repairs near me.

We prioritize your security and convenience, ensuring that you receive prompt and reliable service when you need it most. 

With a focus on quality and customer satisfaction, our comprehensive locksmith services aim to provide the solutions you require, no matter the situation. Count on us for all your locksmith needs in MD.

MD Locksmith Near You: Reliable Lock and Door Solutions

When it comes to reliable lock and door solutions in Maryland, our locksmith near you is your trusted partner. We offer a comprehensive range of locksmith services, including lock repair, door installation, and lock replacement. With our expertise in the field, you can rely on us for prompt and efficient solutions to your lock and door needs. Whether you’re facing a lockout situation, need to enhance your security with high-security locks, or want to upgrade your doors, we’ve got you covered. Our dedicated team is committed to providing the highest level of service, ensuring your peace of mind and the security of your property.

Brown door with good lock installed by our  professional door lock repair services by skilled technicians.

Door Hardware Install or Repair for Commercial Locksmith or Residential Door Repair

There is nothing worse than coming home from an outing and finding one’s door damaged, door locks smashed, and the house ransacked. Unfortunately, this has become a daily occurrence in almost every city in the land. We at King Locksmiths understand this frustration and are ready to help you secure your home against this kind of damage. 

We are happy to install and repair with our locksmith services in the Maryland and Washington DC areas.
There are many ways to make your home secure from this kind of tragedy and we have not only highly trained professional locksmiths but the proper equipment to install all different types of locks of door hardware, door handles, door hinges, and door locks, as well. We not only provide installation, repair, and rekey locks for the home but also provide Top Quality Products for the job for the security of your home for residential and commercial services.
We offer a wide variety of door hardware. A few of these are:
 Both keyed and keyless locks
 Electronic Locks
1. Alarmed locks
2. Electronic door knobs
3. Electronic deadbolts
4. Electronic levers
 Door Deadbolts
1. Jimmy-Resistant Single Cylinder Deadbolt
a. 5-pin rekeyable tumbler cylinder
 Victorian Style Keyed Mortise Entry Lock Set
2. Key activated both inside and outside
• Door hinges and door handles appropriate for the door

Our Residential and Commercial Lock Services

As a customer-oriented business, we at King Locksmiths can provide any type of installation and/or repair of doors. This may be related to door hardware, door handles, door hinges, and door locks.

Featuring a well image of door and lock by door and lock repair services of King Locksmith

We are happy to provide:

7 days a week for door service
• Fast and efficient installation or repair work in MD & DC
• Highly trained technicians
• The highest and most efficient products on the market
• Complete license, liability, and insurance requirements
• All work fully guaranteed
• Free consultation and estimates
If you’re in Maryland or Washington DC and need door lock repair, look no further. Our commercial locksmith services and residential lock services are locksmith experts who specialize in lock rekey, replacement, and repair near MD and DC for door locks, ensuring that your security is top-notch. We provide the best lock services, offering high-security lock solutions for both residential and commercial needs.
Whether it’s a new lock installation, repair near you, or high-security locks, we’ve got it covered. We believe in transparent front pricing and adhere to strict privacy policies, ensuring your peace of mind. When you need door lock repair services in Maryland, give us a call today. Our team is equipped to handle many door issues and provide the repairs you need promptly and efficiently. Your security is our priority, and we’re here to meet the locksmith services you need with professionalism and expertise.
We are your Door Hardware Installer, Door Knob Installer, and Locksmith who offer Hardware Repair, Lock Installation & Repair at your Service! 

Frequently Asked About Our Door Repair and Installation for Lock Services

What Types of Locks Can I Repair and Replace with King Door and Lock Maryland and DC?

At King Door and Lock, we offer comprehensive lock services covering various types, including keypad locks, high-security locks, and standard door locks. Whether it's interior doors, residential or commercial, we have the best solution for your lock repair or replacement needs.

How much does it cost to fix a locked door?

The cost to fix a locked door varies based on factors like the type of lock, the extent of damage, locksmith fees, replacement parts, and location. For an accurate estimate, contact a local locksmith and inquire about the specific issue.

Is it cheaper to buy new locks or rekey?

The cost of buying new locks versus rekeying depends on various factors such as the type of lock, the extent of damage, and the overall security requirements. In some cases, rekeying a lock can be a cost-effective solution as it involves changing the internal parts of the lock, while keeping the existing hardware intact. However, if the lock is severely damaged or outdated, it may be more economical to purchase new locks. It is advisable to consult with a locksmith or locksmith service to assess your specific situation and determine the most cost-effective option.

What factors should I consider when deciding between buying new locks or rekeying?

When considering whether to buy new locks or rekey, it's essential to consider factors such as:

•The condition of the existing lock
•The desired level of security
•The type of lock
•Your budget

An experienced locksmith or lock installation specialist can provide valuable insights and help you make an informed decision.

How Can I Enhance the Security of My Home or Business in Maryland and DC?

To improve the security of your property, consider our high-security locks and security solutions. We specialize in lock system upgrades and can address your security needs effectively. Contact us today to discuss the right lock for your security requirements.

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