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Panic Hardware and Access Control

Need Access Control or Panic Hardware?

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Panic Hardware

Panic Hardware

There is nothing more important for a business working with the public than to have excellent safety precautions.  We at King Locksmiths are prepared to offer top of the market products for this purpose.  Located in the Washington DC and Maryland areas we can offer the very best in panic hardware, access control and emergency exit installation.

A continuous and unobstructed exit to a safe location is required by OSHA.  Panic exit door bars allow a fast exit of any building.  These are installed on doors opening to the outside and are available in numerous styles, including touch bars and cross bars.  These can be installed on a single door or double doors.  They can also have a battery or electrical exit alarm system.

We at King Locksmiths are prepared to install the proper panic hardware, which will allow access control.  For your emergency exit installation we offer:

Access Control

Access Control

•       High quality products that will withstand heavy traffic and abuse
•       Assessment to ensure proper selection of emergency exit installation
•       Installation to fit your needs
•       Expert and fully trained locksmith services
•       24/7 emergency services
•       Fully guaranteed installation
•       Reasonable prices

Our company is dedicated to customer satisfaction.  We are proud to have personnel with a minimum of 5 years experience who are highly skilled in this type of installation and all work done has a full warranty.

There are many different types of emergency exit installations and we can help you find one that will fit your needs perfectly.  The proper installation will allow people to pass through the security door quickly and safely.

We at King Locksmiths are conscious of the need to assure the safety of the public and business employees.  To learn more about panic hardware, access control or emergency exit installation we are only a phone call away.   If you are in need of this kind of installation we will be proud to offer our expert advice and service.

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