The keyless entry system is a great way to ensure that your home is safe from intruders. There are many different types of locks available, but the most popular are electronic locks with remote control.

These systems allow you to lock or unlock your door without having to use a physical key at all! The best part about these systems is that they can be programmed so only certain people have access and others do not.

It’s also worth noting that if someone does get in and tries to break into your house while it’s locked, the alarm system will automatically go off and notify the police immediately!


Here are the main components of a keyless entry system:


This is usually mounted next to your door. It will have numbers on it similar to what you would see on a cell phone or alarm pad. You can press any combination of numbers and this will allow you access into your home. Sometimes, the keypad has a light above it so you can see what you’re doing at night. Of course, this will need to be programmed and customized to your preferences so only certain people know the combination!



If you have a deadbolt or any other kind of lock, this can also be programmed to work with the keyless entry system. Since most people use a deadbolt for added security, having one that can be programmed is ideal! This way there are no keys to lose and you will always have access to your home.


Smoke Detector

A lot of units come with this now, which is great! The smoke detector has both the keypad controls as well as an internal motion sensor. If someone tries to break in and enter through a window, the alarm will go off. This way you do not have to worry about your alarm system going off when you’re home – or worse yet, not at all! You should always check with your security company to see if they offer smoke detectors like this for added value.


Cellular Remote

These are great because you can use them even if you don’t have cell phone reception or internet connection at home. The cellular remote will send a signal to the security company, who will then call the number of the person with access to enter your house.



The best thing about having a keyless entry system is that it will integrate into your home security system as well as your smart devices. In this way, you can lock or unlock your door from anywhere in the world so long as you have an internet connection and a password programmed to it!


Types of Keyless Entry Systems

Up next is we will explore the different types of keyless entry systems that are available and compare them to one another.


Smart Locks

The first major type is a smart lock which is found on most cars today. Smart locks have a keypad or touchscreen that can be used instead of a physical key. These locks allow you to send an electronic key from your phone, which can be used to open and lock the door. You can also go a step further and give this key an expiration date so only certain people have access. If someone tries to break in through a window or steal your car, they won’t be able to do it!


Motorized Door Locks

Another type of keyless entry system is the motorized door lock. This is a little different than other systems because it doesn’t rely on electronic manipulation. The lock will actually move back and forth, which allows you to use a remote control or button found inside your home to open and close the door!

These types of locks are actually very safe because you have to wait for the door to physically open before it will allow the button or remote control to activate.


Gate Locks

The third type of keyless entry system is a gate lock, which is what you’ll find at most houses with gates around them. These are great because they work on an electronic key that you can access from a specific location. This means that you can open and close the gate lock without actually needing to be around it!


Biometric Locks

There is also a fourth type of keyless entry system, which is known as biometric locks. Biometric locks rely on your fingerprint or your retina so you can gain access to your home. This technology is great because it is very difficult to replicate, which means that the lock will only unlock for you.

You should always choose the biometric lock over all other types of keyless entry systems because they are more secure. This technology works by scanning your fingerprint or eye so you can gain access to your home! However, it does take a little bit of time to scan your fingerprint, which means that it may not work as fast as a standard keyless entry system.

And since this type of keyless entry system relies on scanning your retina or fingerprints, this technology is great because it will only open for you and no one else!


Electronic Door Locks

The fifth type of keyless entry system is known as the electronic door lock. The great thing about this type of technology is that it can be used with existing locks in your home to make them more secure. For instance, if you have an older model doorknob that can easily be pried open or picked, why not upgrade it into a keyless entry system?

These locks are very similar to smart locks, which you’ll find on most cars today. However, they will have a keypad or touchscreen that can be used instead of a physical key. You can program this pad with your phone so that certain people have access to it and the door will only open for them!

This option is for those who want more security with their home’s exterior doors. These locks use RFID cards, Bluetooth-enabled devices, or other methods to grant access to your property.


Garage Door Openers

The last type of keyless entry system is a garage door opener. This type allows you to control the entrance into your garage without having keys in hand at all times! You can set up these remote controls so that they work from inside your car as well making it easy for you to enter the garage without having to reach too far!

A lot of people don’t realize that you can actually upgrade your existing garage door opener with a keyless entry system that’s linked to an app or motorized lock! This means that anyone who wants to open the door, such as delivery men, will be able to do so without needing to have a physical key.

You can make this upgrade with any type of garage door opener, which means that you’ll never need to struggle with your remote again!


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