You’ve just been burglarized and the locks on your home or office have been damaged. You need to get the property secured as soon as possible, but you don’t know anything about cylinder locks.

It’s a scary situation when your home or office has been broken into and the locks have been damaged. Not only do you have to worry about the security of your property, but you also have to figure out how to fix the problem.

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What is A Cylinder Lock?

A cylinder lock is a cylinder device that has one or more keys to open it. Cylinder locks are used on doors, sheds, garages, and even padlocks.

Cylinder locks require not only the cylinder to be locked or unlocked, but also requires a separate key (or turning mechanism) for locking and unlocking.


Why Do We Need Cylinder Locks?

There are many different types of cylinder locks available in the market today- from antique wooden cylinder locks like those found in Egyptian tombs to modern-day cylinder door sets that can be opened using magnetic cards or fingerprints, cylinder locks will always play an important role when it comes to securing your property with physical security devices such as entry door knob sets

Today’s cylinder locks are made to be more secure than cylinder locks from the past, and cylinder door sets that you commonly see today come with electronic cylinder cores that offer high levels of protection against forced entry, tampering, and bumping

The cylinder lock also serves as a secondary safeguard when paired with an entry door knob set.

Cylinder locks can be opened using keys or combinations so they provide an extra layer of security when paired with your entry doorknobs.


Benefits of Cylinder Locks


6 Tips For Installing A Cylinder Lock

1. Know the type of cylinder lock you currently have to save time during cylinder lock replacement

2. Always purchase cylinder locks from a reputable company that’s well-known for cylinder lock installation or cylinder door set services

3. Check with your local municipality to see if cylinder doors are allowed in residential areas, and ask about regulations regarding cylinders on bedroom and bathroom doors

4. Install cylinder door sets at least 18 inches off the ground and use one cylinder per knob whenever possible

5. Make sure that your budget will allow you to get all of the cylinders replaced when necessary or at least rekey the cylinder locks to match your existing doorknobs

6. When choosing cylinder lock replacement services, always go with a company that will provide you with cylinder lock installation for free


FAQs About Cylinder Locks


What would cause cylinder locks to be faulty?

Faulty cylinder locks can happen for a number of reasons. If you notice that your cylinder lock isn’t working properly or turning correctly, it could mean that it’s about to fail. If you have cylinder door sets installed in your home and you notice the cylinder becoming difficult to turn or opening on its own, then the cylinder needs replacement


What are some signs that cylinder locks are faulty?

  • Faulty cylinder locks will feel sticky when turned
  • The cylinder lock may not turn at all if it has come loose
  • Your entry door knobs may become difficult to open even after replacing the doorknobs with new ones, which means that the cylinder locks inside the cylinder door sets need replacement
  • Cylinder locks may also fail due to water damage, which means that you should have them replaced as soon as possible


What are cylinder lock components?

Each cylinder lock contains a cylinder core and a shell. The cylinder core is the part of the cylinder lock that’s inserted into your entry doorknob.

The cylinder core can be opened using combinations or keys depending on your preferences for security purposes.

You can open a mechanical key cylinder lock by inserting a key into it and turning either right or left until the locking mechanism releases

The shell is what holds all of these parts together. It covers each component individually to protect them from dirt, water, and other elements that could damage cylinder locks over time.


What types of cylinder lock installation are there?

There are three different types of cylinder lock installation.

The first one is a cylinder door set that can be installed into your entry doorknob. You’ll need cylinder locks if you have a cylinder door set.

Cylinder replacement services will only include the cylinder core and not the cylinder shells because each one comes with its own shell for a more secure fit.

The second type of cylinder lock installation is where a new entry doorknob with a cylindrical hole gets installed, and then you get cylinder key locks to match it instead of cylinder door sets with cylinders inside.

The third type is when two new doorknobs get installed with cylinder locks inside of them, and you don’t have cylinder door sets on the entry doors at all.


What is a double cylinder lock?

A double cylinder lock has two cylinders instead of one, which means that there are more parts required for installation.

If you choose to go with this option, make sure that your local cylinder locksmiths provide cylinder replacement services as well as cylinder rekeying options.

This is because rekeying makes it possible to match up all of the cylinder cores so that you only need one key for each set of doorknobs.


Why should I get cylinder locks instead of doorknob sets?

Cylinder lock services are a much better option to go with than knob and deadbolt sets because they allow you to match what’s happening on the inside of your entry door knobs with cylinder core technology.

The cylinder cores can be opened using combinations or keys depending on your preferences for security purposes.

This way, you’ll get more protection from weather elements such as water and extreme cold/heat that can cause cylinder locks to become faulty.

Cylinder lock services have a number of benefits over knob and deadbolt sets which you’ll be able to enjoy especially if you choose cylinder rekeying as a cylinder locksmith service.

These are just some of the many reasons why choosing cylinder lock services is better than going with other options such as knob and deadbolt sets when it comes down to how well these types of cylinder locks protect you from weather elements.


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