Security keys are often referred to as the future of security. When it comes to cutting-edge technology, this is one that has become a topic of discussion for many experts in the field.

It’s important that we look at what these keys mean and how they can provide us with peace of mind when it comes to our home or office. Let’s explore some common misconceptions about them and see if we can finally put them behind us once and for all!


What Are Security Keys?

Security keys are small devices resembling USB sticks that come in pairs. One stays with you while the other is plugged into your computer or device such as an ATM machine. They allow you to have a safe and secure transaction online or offline, giving you an added layer of protection.


Why Should I Use Them?

If you’re on the fence about using them, here are some reasons why they could be your new best friend:

1. They add more security when it comes to logging into sites that you conduct financial transactions on.

2. They’re easy to use once you get the hang of them.

3. The codes are impossible for hackers to mimic or reproduce, no matter how long they try. It’s essentially impossible because the info is stored in your phone, not online—and it can’t be hacked.

4. They’re not something you need to worry about, because they are plugged into your computer or phone most of the time anyway. You aren’t even aware that they are there unless you need them!

5. They create a higher level of security for all of your accounts no matter what kind they are.


How Do They Work?

You’ll love this—they work through a mobile app that you download for free! It is encrypted and uses your phone’s Bluetooth to connect. The security key is kept in your hand or in your pocket, and when you need it, you simply tap the button on it and hold it near the device you wish to log into. The information is transferred automatically, and it’s that easy!


Are They Right for Me?

There are no age requirements or restrictions when it comes to using security keys. Anyone can use them! If you‘re hesitant about technology, don’t be. They are extremely user-friendly, and you only need to set them up once. Once they are plugged in, you don’t need to worry about them again unless you sell or trade your device. Then it can be unplugged and moved to another device with no problems.


Do I Need Two?

No! If you use the same one for all of your devices, then you only need one pair. This is a major advantage to them, as it can be easy for people who use many different devices to become overwhelmed with the number of keys that they need. With security keys, there’s no such issue.


When Should I Use Them?

You don’t have to restrict yourself and only use them in certain circumstances—you can use them whenever you want to! You can even set up your phone so that it will log you out of your accounts if you haven’t used the security key in a certain amount of time. Then, when you need to access one of those accounts again, you won’t have to worry about forgetting it.


How Difficult Is It to Get Started?

It’s not difficult at all! You just need a laptop or phone that’s compatible with it and a free Google Security app. When you have both, the program is simple to install. In some cases, your bank may need to be involved if they are going to add two-factor authentication for you, but most don’t.


Will I Have to Pay for Something?

Nope! There are no fees associated with getting started, and Google provides it free of charge. Some devices may require you to pay for the actual key itself, but most banks can provide them at no cost when you open your account.


I Can’t Find One I Trust…Should I Be Worried?

There are a few services that you can sign up for, but they aren’t free. Some allow you to have the security code sent to your phone via text message or email. While these are two popular ways of sending codes, there is no way to guarantee that either one is 100 percent secure.


What About the Security of My Phone?

Many people wonder if they should delete all of their personal information off of their phones before using these keys, but this isn’t required. In order to connect your security key with your phone, you must have a Bluetooth connection on it. This means that anytime you use it or tap on it, it will be sending information from it.

There is no need to worry about your phone being hacked if you follow best practices when you’re at home or in a public place. If it’s compromised, the person who has access will be able to find out what kind of apps and software are on it and even get into some of your accounts. If you delete the information on the phone, it makes life harder for them because they will need to get your password to access anything at all!


Do Other People Use It Too?

All of the major banks and credit card companies have begun to include two-factor authentication as part of their security protocol. This means that if you want to sign in to your account, you’ll need a password and a unique code from your security key to be able to do it.


What About Other Kinds of Security?


In the past, many consumers thought about security in terms of antivirus software or firewalls. These are still important for protecting your information, but now there is another layer to think about as well.

If you don’t use a key with your accounts and someone gets hold of the password to one of them, they will be able to access it. Then, if they are able to get access to your email account by using the password there, you may need to change every other account that’s registered with that email address.

There is no point in double-protecting yourself—just use two-factor authentication whenever you can!


What Does This Mean for My Home or Business?

Once you have selected which type of lock is best for your business, you can be sure that installing it is not going to take much time at all.

In fact, if you opt for a security key system, you won’t even notice a difference between installation and re-keying a regular lock cylinder.

If anything, your technicians will appreciate the simplicity of installing a security key lock as well as the fact that they will be able to use all of their existing tools without any issue.


What Should I Do Now?

If you’re ready to try something new that makes logging into your accounts more secure, then you should get started putting in some security keys. Once you do, you may never want to go back!

This information may seem overwhelming, but security keys are only complicated if you make them that way. Once you learn about their capabilities and how they work, there is nothing else for you to do. Just install the program and use it!

That being said, if you are worried about how safe they really are or have questions about whether or not they are right for you—give us a call! We love talking to customers at King Locksmiths so stop by our store in Columbia, MD today.

Our staff would be happy to answer any questions you might have about these little pieces of tech, and we’ll be thrilled to show them to you!

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