It can be difficult to know where to start when considering security for your business. With so many different locks and other security devices available, it can be hard to know how to help deter burglars.

This article will discuss 20 locks you can install in your store or office to prevent burglaries.


20 Locks To Secure Your Business

To really protect your business, you need to take a comprehensive approach. Here are some solutions that will work in any situation:


1. Door Knob

A doorknob lock is the most common method of securing a commercial property. It’s relatively cheap, simple to replace if broken, and easy to install yourself with the right tools. Simply unscrew both sides of the latch and replace it with the lock.


2. Door Locks

A door lock is a more secure way to keep your store safe from burglars. It’s pretty much like it sounds, and it will take a burglar longer to break one of these locks than it would an ordinary doorknob. These are well worth the extra investment if you run a jewelry store, for example.


3. Door Frame Reinforcement

If you have an old door or one that is otherwise weak, a burglar can kick the door frame right off in order to get inside your business. You can prevent this with reinforcement bars on both sides of the door frame. These will keep it firmly attached to the wall when someone tries to kick it down.


4. Window Locks

Burglars will often break a window at ground level and climb right through it in order to gain access to your business. You can stop them with a good window lock, which provides extra security for every window on the first floor of the building.


5. Alarm System


Burglars don’t want to get caught, so an alarm system is a great deterrent. It lets you monitor your store while you are at home or even when you are just out running errands for the day.

An alarm system also increases the chances of catching a burglar in action, which may be all that it takes to deter them from trying in the first place.

6. Alarm Keypads

A burglar can’t very well be scared away by an alarm if they don’t even know it is there! You should install keypads on all of your doors, windows, and other access points so that you can arm or disarm the system easily from anywhere inside the store.

7. Surveillance System

A surveillance system is a good way to help prevent burglaries if you have cameras already installed in your business. If someone breaks in, they may be on camera and can be identified later by police. In addition, having a video record of any burglary you do experience will help with the investigation after the fact.

8. Motion Sensors

A motion sensor is a good way to keep your business secure even when you aren’t there. These devices are more subtle than an alarm, and they will simply alert you via text message if someone enters the store in a way that suggests they don’t belong. They are very good in conjunction with a surveillance system.

9. Push Bars

A burglar looking to get in will kick the door at ground level repeatedly until it opens wide enough for them to squeeze through. This is why you need a push bar on the inside of your business as well as one on the outside! These heavy-duty bars offer an extra layer of protection and will keep unwanted visitors outside.

10. Deadbolts


Deadbolts go along with door locks. They make it impossible for a burglar to get inside after breaking the lock on an ordinary doorknob. These are very good if you open and close your store several times during the day, as they prevent burglars from getting in without making any noise.

11. Commercial Door Locks

Commercial door locks are high-security versions of regular door locks. They are far more difficult to break by force, and they are very secure against lock picking as well. The hardware is heavier duty, which makes it harder to cut through or pick in the first place.

12. Door Stops

In an emergency, you may need to use two or more doors to keep burglars out of your business. You can use door stops on the inside and outside of those doors so that they will be firmly closed, even if a burglar is able to break through one or both.

13. Glass Break Detector

If there are several windows in an area, the glass break detector is a good way to alert you when someone breaks one of the other windows. It works with all different types of glass and will let you know that your business has been compromised as soon as it happens!

14. Window Bars

Burglars may attempt to smash out a window on the first floor, but they won’t be able to fit through it if you have a window bar in place. These bars are also good for preventing theft, as they make it impossible to remove the items on display without smashing them first!

15. Panic Bars

A panic bar is an easy way to get out of your business during a burglar alarm or break-in. This bar is set on the inside of the door and makes it possible to exit without opening or closing the door itself.

17. Medeco Locks

The safety rating on your locks may not mean much if they can be easily picked by a burglar with tools that you would expect them to have. High-quality Medeco locks are very difficult to pick, even with the right tools.

18. Deadbolts and 1/2″ Steel Doors

If you have a large store in the DC area with lots of windows, you should consider installing deadbolts on all of your exterior doors. The deadbolt will prevent an intruder from entering if they can’t break through it first. In addition to that, the steel door is harder to breakthrough in the first place.

19. Safe

If it’s possible, you should consider keeping a safe inside your business where you can secure all of your valuables from burglars. While this won’t necessarily stop someone who breaks through the locks on your doors, it will make them take their time and be more difficult to get in the first place.

20. Burglar Bars

Burglar bars are another security feature that will make it impossible for a burglar to smash out the glass without taking significant time with tools. They also prevent people from getting in through windows, and they just look good on the outside of your store.

King Locksmiths recommend that you invest in high-quality locks to secure your business. Burglars can often get through locks and force their way inside with the right tools, so it’s important to upgrade. In addition, you should ensure that there are locks on all of your doors and windows that will keep customers and staff safe from intrusion.

That wraps up this blog post on burglar prevention. There are quite a few different locks to secure your business in DC, so take a look and make sure that you’re covered!

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