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Maryland: (240) 345-1455
Washington DC: (202)800-2622
Baltimore: (410) 670-7799

The latest technology in security is the digital door lock. Learn how these work and how safe they keep your family compared to the traditional door lock.

The pin-tumbler has been the most common type of door lock mechanism for the last 175 years. The simple design is still vulnerable to picking by trained lockpicks but is a deterrent to most burglaries. A digital door lock takes security one step further, by being putting lockpickers out of a job.
After being in use by government and corporate agencies for decades, wireless entry and keypad systems have made their way into home and commercial usage.

The latest technology in digital locks is perfect for a family home and can be installed easily by most professional locksmiths. A digital lock could be the security solution to keep your home or office safe.

How a Digital Door Lock Works

You’ll find that most of the same manufacturers who have perfected pin and tumbler lock technology are making digital locks. Those companies bring decades of home security experience into the digital lock world.

The latest versions use either a key fob or a digital touchscreen. Some include a redundant key cylinder for those who are skittish about the technology leap.

Some users worry about the possibility of being locked out of their home. Those locks that include the key cylinder eliminate that possibility.

If you want to go keyless, schedule one day a year where you change the batteries on your lock. Just like with your smoke alarm, an indicator will let you know when it’s time for a change.

How to Integrate Them Into Your Home

As knobs and locks are just as reliant on form as they are for function, there are a wide variety of finishes and styles that suit every taste. As you’ll be doing away with keys in several models, you’ll no longer need to worry about scratching up your door frame as keys jingle around.

If you’re looking to integrate one into an already “smart” home, many have wireless antennas that can synchronize with cameras and temperature control systems.

Check for compatibility with your current system before installation. That way, you will optimize this addition to your home.

Can They Be Hacked?

While there are many ways to break into a home, without training and access to your wireless network, your lock is hard to hack. Most burglars won’t come equipped with the training or tech to be able to get int your system

A digital door lock that is integrated into an alarm system is your best bet to avoid any unwanted entry into your home.

Be sure to secure your home Wi-Fi network for the highest level of security.

Digital Door Locks Are the Future of Security

As more parts of our daily lives are networked into the “Internet of Things”, the systems in our houses will become digital. A networked or a digital door lock will allow your dog walker to access your home with their own code and your friends to visit with another.

Instead of taking the risks associated with hiding housekeys, you can trace access to your home to individual visitors.

Still wondering which lock solution is right for your family? Contact us for help figuring out which is the best lock for your home.

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