People use keyless entry systems for many reasons.

Some people use keyless entry systems because they are worried about losing their keys.

Others use them because they want to have more control over who has access to their home or office.

Here are some of the most common reasons people choose to install keyless entry systems in their homes and businesses.


Here Are Some Reasons Why People Use Keyless Entry System



Hands are one of the most important tools that people have to work with. As keyless entry systems have become more common, it has become more common for key fobs to allow owners to unlock multiple locks at once.

For example, key fobs can be programmed so that they will open garage doors or gates as well as activated all keyless locks on the first floor of a home.

This makes keyless entry systems incredibly convenient, saving time and energy while also making it possible for people to keep their hands free at virtually any time.


Safeguard Privacy And Property

It is obviously difficult to lose something that isn’t attached to your person in the first place.

Because keyless entry systems do not require keys to be used, they also do not require key duplicates for family members or employees.

This means that keyless entry systems can help people safeguard their privacy and property better than keyed locks do.


Flexibility With Locks And Keys

Keyless entry systems are available in options with key cards as well as key fobs making it possible to use multiple types of keyless entries on keyless entry systems.

Keycards can be programmed like key fobs so it is entirely possible for a variety of different methods of access to make up a single keyless entry system.


Quickly Access More Than Just The Front Door

As keyless entry systems have become more popular, key fobs which include keycard capabilities have begun being offered in keyed door locks.

This means that key fobs can be programmed to open the front door of a home as well as activate keyless locks on all other exterior doors.

Many keyless entry systems can also unlock car windows, allowing keys to be kept in keyless entry cars rather than traditional key spots.

This makes it easier for people to quickly access places they need to go when they are not carrying their keys or are away from their vehicles for extended periods of time.


Convenience With Electricity Outages

Many keyless entry systems make use of key fobs that are powered by batteries.

This means that key fobs can still open locks even during a power outage, making keyless entry a very convenient option.

Even key card keyless entry systems are typically able to make use of backup batteries which means that key cards can still be used during a power outage.


Ability To Program Existing Keys

During key fob keyless entry system installations, key fobs are programmed with the code that will open each lock they are compatible with.

This means that existing keys can usually be programmed for key fobs as well allowing people to keep their existing locks and just add keyless entry capabilities if they choose to do so.

Many homeowners find that adding key card technology along with key fob technology is one of the easiest ways to convert from traditional keyed locks to keyless entry systems without having to tear out their doors or rebuild anything.


Cell Phone Technology Adds Extra Security

Keyless entry system key fobs and key cards can often be programmed to require secondary authentication through cell phone technology.

This means that key fobs cannot be used unless the keyholder is physically near his or her cell phone which adds a new level of security in keyless entry systems.

Keyless key fob systems with this added security option are also more secure against fraud since it is impossible to clone a keycard without physical access to it.

Mobile applications have been developed for some keyless entry systems so users can manage their keyless locks from their phones as well.

Some of these apps include ways to add, delete, and categorize different keys on one’s keyless lock system from a cell phone.


Key Types & Uses  of Keyless Entry Systems

  • Fingerprint Recognition

This type of keyless entry system uses the unique qualities and patterns of fingerprints to gain access to either a home or business by scanning and identifying a person’s fingerprint for positive identification.

Biometric technology identifies and matches specific points of human anatomy and bypasses normal physiological limitations associated with traditional authentication methods such as PIN numbers, passwords, personal identification numbers (PINs), etc.

These keyless keypad systems, such as keyless fingerprint readers and keyless keypads, are growing in popularity because they not only shield the business or homeowner from the risk of identity theft and fraud but also protect tenants against discrimination. While key cards are often needed for additional entries, keyless keypads simply make use of fingerprint codes to grant entry.


  • Key Fobs

Key fob keyless entry systems have become increasingly popular due to the fact that key fobs are easy to carry with you and can be programmed to provide access without keys for specific locks.

By adding key card capabilities, keyless keypad users can ensure that their keys will always work properly even if there is a power outage or other problem.

This makes keyless keypads very beneficial during bad weather conditions as well.

Most modern key fob keyless entry systems also come with backup battery options so they won’t fail in case of emergencies.

You can also take certain key fob keyless entry systems and key card keyless entry systems with you when you travel so they won’t cause any trouble at your destination.


  • Wireless Keypad

A wireless keypad system is a keyless entry system that uses a keypad to gain access to the home or business. Modern keypads often come with wireless capabilities that allow them to be programmed from a central location while still remaining fully functional without batteries of their own if needed.

Most modern keypads also feature anti-masking technology which helps prevent someone from picking up the signal while standing in front of it and then trying to use that signal somewhere else.


  • Keycards & Proximity Cards

These key fob keyless entry systems are keyless entry systems that require keycards or proximity cards to gain access to the keyless keypad.

The keypad will have a matching reader which can read key cards and proximity cards so entry is granted each time they are swiped over the keypad.

This type of keyless keypad system is often found in large office buildings, schools, universities, medical facilities, military compounds, government/military restricted sites, etc.

These keycard keyless entry systems are very similar to fingerprint recognition keyless entry systems except that they use a more traditional method of identifying who you are based on your unique credit card-sized ID card instead of an external means such as fingerprints or retina scanning.

In some cases, this could result in delays if the keycards are not readily accessible or if keycard keyless entry systems have to be dealt with on a large scale.


A keypad lock keyless entry system is a keyless entry system that allows you to open the door without a key by entering a code via keypad.

These keyless keypads operate just like those for homes and businesses but they’re built into your home’s doorknob for an added layer of security.

These keyless keypads often use battery power as opposed to hardwired electricity, making them easy to install and remove as needed.

You can also find many geared towards children so they cannot gain access to the house unless an adult enters their unique code.

The batteries needed for keypad locks keyless entry systems are often standard AA or AAA batteries that can be replaced easily.


Did you know that having a keyless entry system can save your life?

While keyless entry systems are often thought of as a way to make our lives easier by keeping us from having to carry around keychains, they can also provide a layer of security for our homes and businesses.

Keyless entry systems come in many different varieties but all have the same goal: to keep you safe and secure while you’re in your home or office.


Do you want to know why people use keyless entry systems?

Keyless Entry Systems are a great way for homeowners and business owners alike to secure their property. They’re easy to install, affordable, and give you peace of mind that your home or office is safe from intruders.

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