Replacing a car key can be expensive and time-consuming.

Most people don’t know that they can get a budget car key replacement that doesn’t have to be expensive.

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10 Facts About Car Key Replacement


1. The car locksmith doesn’t need to be the car dealer’s mechanic – Your car dealer cannot refuse to let another car locksmith work on your car, so you are free to choose any car locksmith company that you want. You are not required by law to have your car fixed only at the car dealer.

2. It is legal for car dealers to give car owners a car key and then charge car owners to order car keys that were never made – This means that car locksmiths often have keys that they didn’t make, and they cost the car owner more money than necessary.

3. Car dealerships often overcharge car owners for car keys – Most car dealers charge car owners an arm and a leg to replace car keys, but they are not required by law to do so. The only legal duty of car dealers is to put new batteries in car remotes at no charge.

4. Car dealerships usually can’t make car key fobs or car keyless remote replacements – This means car owners have to visit a car locksmith service if they want to get car keyless remotes replaced, which typically includes programming the new car keyless remote to their car.

5. A car dealer cannot refuse car owners a car key replacement if car owners have car keyless remotes – This means car locksmiths can legally replace car keys for car owners who have car remotes.

6. Car dealerships often make car keys with car dealerships car key blanks, which car owners cannot legally buy – Car owners cannot legally buy car key blanks at any hardware store or car parts store. Car key blanks are car locksmiths’ proprietary keys.

7. Car dealerships often tell car owners that car keyless remotes have to be programmed every 90 days – This is a lie. No law requires car keyless remotes to be reprogrammed every 90 days, but car dealers do this to avoid car keyless remotes that car locksmiths make.

8. Car dealerships often lie to car owners and tell car owners that car keyless remotes have a 90-day life – This is another lie because car keyless remotes typically last for over 50 years if they are not dropped. Many car keys start failing within 3 years, but car keyless remotes typically last for up to 50 years.

9. Almost all car locksmiths replace car keys and car key fobs the same way, and car owners can save money by using a car locksmith instead of a car dealer – Car dealers use one method, and car locksmiths use another method. The car locksmith method is faster, cheaper, and car owners usually get car keyless remotes that last much longer.

10. Car dealerships often refuse car owners car key replacements if car owners don’t have car insurance – This is yet another way that car dealerships avoid car keyless remotes that car locksmiths make. Car locksmiths typically don’t require car owners to buy car insurance.


When Will You Need a Car Key Replacement?

There are many reasons that car owners need car key replacements, such as:

– car keys that don’t work

– car keys that break inside car locks

– car key fobs and car keyless remotes that don’t work

– lost car keys or other missing auto keys, and

– broken or worn out transponder car keys


What is a car transponder key, and why do car owners want car transponders?

A car key transponder is a circuit inside of a car key that sends radio waves that car locks use to open car doors.

Car keys with broken or missing car transponders won’t open car brands such as Audi, Volkswagen, BMW, Porsche, GM car brands such as Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet car brands such as Chrysler car keys with car transponders are called car keyless remotes or car fobs. A car locksmith can replace a broken or missing car transponder circuit inside of any car key.


How to Get a Car Key Replacement

Fortunately, car owners have a choice when it comes to car key replacements. A car locksmith usually charges car owners 50% less than car dealerships, and car locksmiths usually provide car key fobs or car keyless remotes that will last the life of the car.

It’s important to remember that there are two methods for making car keys: traditional and laser cut. Most car locksmith services use laser cutting technology because it is safe and fast. Car locks services typically don’t use traditional car key cutting because car keys made in this way are unsafe and slow.

Finally, car owners can usually expect car key replacement to take about 30 minutes. Car owners should always ask car locksmiths how fast car key replacement takes place before car owners have car keys replaced.

Some car locksmith services charge extra for rush jobs because car key fobs can be expensive to replace, so it’s important to plan and get a price quote from the beginning of the car key replacement process.


FAQs About Budget Car Key Replacement:

How much does car key replacement cost?

A car key replacement can cost car owners anywhere between $20 and $500. The car locksmith car owner chooses determines the car key replacement price.


How much does car key replacement cost without car lockout charges?

Car lockout charges are extra car keys that need to be programmed, car computer chip programming fees, car dealership service fees, or car insurance company fees.


How much does car key replacement cost without car dealership prices?

Car dealerships charge car owners car key replacement prices that are typically three times car locksmith car key replacement prices.


How much does car key replacement cost without car dealership service fees?

The car locksmith car owner chooses usually doesn’t charge car owner any extra fees for car key replacements, but some car locksmith services do have a flat rate for replacing car keys. The highest flat-rate fee is $40.00. Some companies even waive the initial service fee if the customer has a referral from another customer so both customers get a free replacement.


What are some of the most common car keys?

The most common car keys are laser-cut car keys, car computer chip car keys, car key fobs, and car transponder car keys.


Where can car owners buy car keyless remotes?

Car owners cannot legally buy car keyless remotes at any car parts store or hardware store. Car keyless remotes are car locksmith’s proprietary keys and car parts dealers only give car dealerships access to car key blanks. Instead, car owners must call a car locksmith service to get car keyless remotes replaced.


Will car dealerships replace car keys if car owners have car insurance?

Car dealerships only replace the fob or remote of car keys if car owners have car insurance. Car locksmiths replace car keys and car key fobs even if car owners do not have car insurance or car lockout charges.


How long do car key fob replacements take?

Car key fob replacements typically only take the car locksmith company 10 minutes to replace, but car dealerships often tell car owners that car key fob replacements take car owners 30 minutes.


Do you need a new car key?

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