You may be wondering what the difference is between auto locksmith services and residential locksmith services.

It can be confusing trying to figure out which type of locksmith service you need, especially if you don’t know much about locks and security.

In this blog post, you will know what are the differences between auto locksmith services and residential locksmith services. If you need auto locksmith services or residential locksmith services in Washington DC, Maryland, or Baltimore, we hope that this blog will help you to determine which type of service is best for you.


What’s the difference between auto locksmith services and residential locksmith services?

Auto locksmiths focus more on lock-outs than home security whereas residential locksmiths focus more on home security than auto lockout assistance.

This may seem like a small difference at first glance but it makes a big impact when it comes to considering what type of service is for your particular situation.


Auto locksmith services

If you can’t get into your auto and you need a locksmith, the auto locksmith will likely start by helping you to gain entry back into your car. However, this isn’t always going to be the case as auto locksmiths have many different types of skills as noted on their website or as explained in their phone call with you.

An auto locksmith may pick your car’s lock, rekey another lock on your car, create a new key for you, open up the ignition so that they can hotwire it for you making a new key unnecessary, or they might even change all of the door locks on your vehicle if the problem is especially problematic or you request that they do so.


Residential locksmith services

Residential locksmiths focus more on home security than auto lockout assistance. If you need any residential locksmith service like changing locks, installing an alarm system, or creating new keys for the house, your local residential locksmith would be able to help you out.

For example, if you’re looking to install new high-security deadbolts on all of your exterior doors but don’t want to drill into the door frames by yourself, a residential locksmith can install them for you without damaging anything and then rekey the entire house so that each lock is set up with different keys again.

This will mean that no one else will have access to your home unless they have all of your keys which should hopefully discourage any potential burglars.


How to choose auto locksmith services or residential locksmith services?

The key is to figure out what you need to be done first which will be the root of all of your auto locksmith service needs or your residential locksmith service needs. If you break down this question further, it’s just figuring out whether you need auto lockout help or home security help.


Do I need auto lockout assistance or home security help?

It might seem easier than it actually is but you just have to think about what is more important right now. If somebody stole all of your car keys and rekeyed the entire house so that no one had access would leave you with an unsecured car and an unsecured home.

If you lost your auto keys and had them rekey all of the locks on your auto then it would leave you with an unsecured home since there is no way to lock your auto from the outside.


What if I need both auto lockout assistance and residential security help?

Auto lockout assistance will likely come first as it’s easier for a locksmith to gain access into a car than a house. Afterward, consider getting a new key made so that you have one for your car as well as one for the front door before they change out every single lock in the house or install a new alarm system.


Who can I call for auto locksmith services or residential locksmith services?

Auto locksmith services are available 24/7 in most areas through auto locksmith companies like King Locksmith & Doors, Inc. Residential locksmiths are also available 24 hours a day albeit to different areas than auto locksmiths. If you need residential locksmith services like changing out car keys or installing an alarm system, call your local residential locksmith company for their service area and availability.

Both auto locksmiths and residential locksmiths provide great service but they go about it differently because auto lockouts can be handled with greater ease than home security issues which require more in-depth knowledge to resolve them without causing damage.


FAQs about Difference Between Auto Locksmith Services and Residential Locksmith Services


What auto locksmith services are available?

Most auto locksmiths will be able to open up your auto door through the use of lock picks or drill bits if necessary. They can also make a new auto key for you which includes ignition key copies, chip key copies, and transponder key copies. Sometimes they will just have the factory auto keys in stock so that they do not need to create a new one for you but they may charge more for this service since it’s faster.

What residential locksmith services are available?

Residential locksmiths specialize in home security which means that they would likely change out all of your exterior doors with high-security deadbolts so they cannot be drilled into. They might also install an auto-alarm system on your auto so that you can receive text or phone notifications if your auto is broken into or stolen.


Do auto locksmiths solve residential problems as well?

Although it may not be their specialty, auto locksmiths are more than capable of solving residential problems. They have the auto tools in their arsenal to drill auto locks, open auto doors, and even make auto keys if necessary.


Do residential locksmiths solve auto problems as well?

Although it may not be their specialty, auto locksmiths can help you with some basic lock issues. They might be able to unlock your auto door through the use of lock picks or drill bits if necessary although this is more likely to occur when they are putting new automotive keys on your car rather than for a broken key extraction situation like you would experience at home.


What do auto locksmith services mean?

The auto locksmiths specialize in car lockouts


Is it legal for me to create my auto keys?

Creating auto keys without the consent of your auto is illegal in most states which consider auto key duplication theft. You should never make a copy of your car key unless you are certain that you have permission to do so.


Is it legal for me not to disclose the reason I am asking for auto locksmith service?

Most states require locksmiths to know why you are asking for auto lockout assistance before they can proceed with helping you out since auto lockouts usually involve hotwiring which is illegal in most states.

However, auto locksmiths won’t ask if they don’t have to so you should consider avoiding the question if you are just looking for auto lockout service because it’s an extra cost that might not be worth it unless you are certain that your auto keys were stolen.


How much does auto locksmith service usually cost?

Auto locksmith prices vary widely depending on where you are but auto locksmith services are typically very cheap when compared to home security costs since the lockpicking tools used for hotwiring cars are much cheaper than traditional residential lockpicking equipment.

You can expect auto key replacements to run anywhere from $25 up to $75 depending on the auto locksmith and whether they make a new key or use one of their pre-made factory auto keys.


Do you need to change your locks?

It’s important to know that there are two different types of locksmith services. One is for residential and the other is for auto. Knowing which one you need will help ensure that your needs are met in a timely manner.

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