If you are looking to have your locks rekeyed, it’s important that you do your homework before hiring a locksmith. Rekeying means changing the pins in the lock so that all existing keys will no longer work and new keys must be cut.

This blog post is for people who would like to update their locks and want to find the right locksmith. Locksmiths are not all alike, but there are some questions that you should ask before you hire one.


Here are 18 questions you should ask your locksmith before having them rekey your home or business:


1) What type of lock does my home have?

This is an important question because it tells you what type of pins are in the lock. This is important because many locksmiths do not carry both types of pins, so they will have to order them or you will need to make a second trip.


2) What kind of keys does my lock take?

The same pin type and size is used for all doors in a home or building, so you need to know what type of key your lock takes. If the locksmith doesn’t have any keys with them, you might have to make a second trip. The locksmith might also not carry all types of keys that your lock takes, so this may require another visit from the locksmith.


3) Does your company offer this type of lock?

Most locksmiths have a small selection of locks that they carry, so if you are looking for something special or unique, the answer might be no. If this is the case, why hire them? You can do it yourself much more cheaply and probably faster than waiting for your phone call to be returned.

This is important if you want to update the locks on your home or business. If there are special or unique locks that you need, make sure they can install them before you hire them for this job.


4) Do I need a new key or can I just rekey them?

Some companies will tell you that you need to buy a new key, but if your keys are in good condition, it might be faster and cheaper to rekey the locks. Ask this question to determine how much you can save by doing it yourself.


5) How much will it cost me to replace my keys versus rekeying them?

If you just need new keys, it might be cheaper to order them and do the job yourself. There is no need for a locksmith if all you need is a key replacement.


6) How long does the process take?

The worst thing is getting an estimate for how much it costs to rekey your locks, then having the locksmith take an hour to change out each lock. Make sure you ask how long it will take for each lock.


7) Can you give me an estimate over the phone?

Getting a quote for how much it will cost to rekey your locks can be difficult, but make sure you get an estimated price. If the locksmith won’t give you one because he has to see what kind of lock is installed, ask them if there is somewhere else they can look to get an estimate.


8) How quickly can you get the job done?

You should ask how long it will take for them to get back to you and how long it will take before they can rekey the locks. It makes no sense to hire a company that does not answer their phone or returns your emails, so don’t do it.

You need fast access to your property, so make sure they can get to your home or business within the time frame that you need it done by. The last thing you want is to have them tell you they will be there in 30 minutes and then waiting an hour and a half for them to arrive.


8) Do you have insurance?

One of the worst things that can happen is to hire a locksmith and they destroy your lock, key, or home. Ask them if they have insurance to cover damage that might be done during the rekeying process. If they say no, shop around for a locksmith that does have insurance.


9) Do you have references I can call?

A good way to find out if previous customers were satisfied with their service is to ask for references from previous customers. If you are unsure about hiring this locksmith, ask them if they can provide you with references to call for an estimate.

References are usually very satisfied customers and they can tell you if this locksmith is the right one for the job. They should be able to provide you with the names and phone numbers of customers who were happy with their job. If they won’t give them to you, it means there’s probably a problem.


10) Will you be able to provide emergency services if needed in the future (24/7)?

This is more important if you work during regular business hours. You might need a locksmith to let you in the building after hours, so make sure they provide this service. If they don’t, don’t bother hiring them.


11) Do I get the same price if the job is more difficult?

You might get a deal on rekeying your locks, but if you have to go back because it took longer than expected, make sure you are not charged extra for the extra time. If the company says no, shop around for another company that will give you a flat rate whether they take 10 minutes or one hour to do the job.


12) Is this a one-time charge or an hourly rate?

You should ask if they charge by the hour or is it a flat fee for the rekeying process. This will help you save a lot of time and money when dealing with a locksmith. Some companies charge by the hour, so if you are not in a hurry to have the job done, take your time.


13) How will I pay for this service?

You might be asked to sign an invoice when the locksmith arrives, but ask them how you will be billed before giving them any information. This way they cannot take advantage of you by charging more than what was agreed on. Make sure they have their company name and address so you can file a complaint if needed.


14) Will I need to change the locks again someday?

The rekeying process might solve your problem, but if you think that you might need new locks sometime in the future, make sure they install locks that can be rekeyed at a later date. If they do not, you might have to pay the locksmith again in the future when your locks need to be changed.


15) What days/hours are you available?

If you work during the week, don’t hire a locksmith who does not work on weekends if you need to get into your home or business during the weekend. Make sure you have a 24/7 locksmith who can help you when your schedule changes unexpectedly. Otherwise, your only choice will be to call them on weekends if you lock yourself out of your home or office.


16) Can I add more locks to my doors?

This is a good way to add protection to your home if you ask for extra locks when rekeying the original ones. Just make sure they have pins for the new locks and they can rekey them properly. If they say they don’t provide this service, shop around for another locksmith.


17) What type of lock will you use to replace my old one?

The type of lock that is installed on your door can affect the security level in your home or business. If the wrong lock is installed, it might not be secure enough for your needs. Make sure you choose a lock that is provided by the company and they have a key to it on file so you can change your locks in case of an emergency.


18) When do you need access to my property so we can work on the locks together without inconveniencing me more than necessary?

This is important if you are not home during the day. Make sure they check this before scheduling an appointment, so you’re not locked out for hours or you can’t go to work that day.


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After reading this article, it is clear that you will need to ask your locksmith many questions before rekeying or changing the locks on your home. This helps ensure they are qualified and know what needs to be done. If you want someone who knows how to do all of these things for a fair price, call us today!

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