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Security Upgrades

Security Upgrades

The newspapers and television constantly relate incidents of burglaries, break-ins, and other such crimes.  As a result, people have come to realize the necessity of having high security locks, security upgrades and other security innovations for personal, home, and office protection.  Working in the MARYLAND AND WASHINGTON DC areas, we at KING LOCKSMITHS are prepared to install home security or office security innovations that will provide the kind of protection needed.  These security innovations are required to outwit the type of person who can cause damage to your home or place of business.
For proper protection you need a company such as ours that has:
Security Innovations

Security Innovations

With something as serious as protection, it is important to also choose a company that is not only knowledgeable regarding required home security upgrades and office security upgrades but is PERSONALLY CONCERNED with your protection as well.  We are proud to not only offer emergency service but to provide the HIGHEST QUALITY office security and/or home security innovations but to guarantee our work as well.
One of the measures we can provide is high security locks.  These locks assure you will have the best protection available when our PROFESSIONAL LOCKSMITHS upgrade your locks system.  This means that only the BEST EQUIPMENT AND TOOLS are used and all locks will be installed by one of our highly trained King Locksmith staff members.  We are proud of these locksmiths, each of whom has a minimum of 5+ years of experience.
There are many different kinds of high security locks and systems available and we are able to offer a WIDE VARIETY OF HIGH-END BRANDS.  In addition, our security innovations will provide the very best home security or office security available.  After you choose the type you wish and it is installed you will have the best protection available.  This will ensure the safety of your home and/or your employees.
Once your upgraded locks system is in place it is important that it be properly maintained.  We are happy to be able to offer an EXCELLENT MAINTENANCE SERVICE, which will assure that your premises are guarded at all times.  With our HIGH QUALITY PRODUCTS, INSTALLATION, AND SERVICE we are easily able to meet your safety requirements.
We are able to provide the BEST TYPE OF HOME SECURITY OR OFFICE SECURITY SYSTEMS available in the nation.  Operating in the Maryland and Washington DC area, we are able to IMMEDIATELY INSTALL AND/OR  UPGRADE ANY LOCK SYSTEM service in a home or office location.  We will send a member of our professional locksmith staff to visit the premises, determine what is needed, and provide an estimate.  We offer reasonable prices and we are proud of our many satisfied customers.  WE CAN BE CONTACTED ONLINE OR AT MARYLAND: 240-345-1455 or WASHINGTON DC: 202-800-2622 or TOLL FREE:  877-285-0408.
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