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3 Mistakes Most People Make When Hiding House Keys

by | Jul 30, 2017 | Security Tips, Doors, Key, Keys, Lock Replacement, locksmith services, Safes and Vaults, Security Doors

Warning! Most People Are Hiding House Keys In The Wrong Places – Find Out If Your Security Is At Risk

No matter how safe your neighborhood may be, there is always a chance you could fall victim to a break in. And if you are hiding house keys in certain places, you could be at even greater risk.

The experts at King Locksmiths and Door are here to make sure that your home is and safe and secure as possible by revealing the top 3 places that you should never hide your keys.

But first, please note that we do recommend having an extra set of keys available. But, just take extra care when choosing a hiding spot.

Whether you are looking to protect your home while away on summer vacation, or you want to have a spare key available when your kids get home from school, we have the information you need right here.

Why You Should Have A Spare Set Of Keys

Even if you are very responsible and have a great track record of keeping track of your belongings, having a backup set of keys is a smart idea no matter what.

Just image if you don’t have an extra key and this happens:

You arrive home and your key breaks off in the lock. You haven’t done anything wrong but you are still out of luck and stuck outside.

Now, let’s find out which places you should never use to hide your keys.

3 Places You Should Never Use When Hiding House Keys

#1. Don’t Hide Keys Under Your Doormat

Common mistakes when hiding house keys - welcome mat - King LocksmithsIf you are thinking about hiding a key under the doormat, you might as well start handing out copies of your house keys all over town.

This may seem like an obvious rule but understandable for many people, it is also hard to pass up the convenience of the door mat.

Bottom line, don’t do it because this is one of the first places that a thief will look.

#2. The Problem With Fake Rocks To Hide Keys

Many people have used the fake rock method to hid their house keys.

This may have seemed like a great idea in the beginning. But now, it is such a common item that you probably aren’t fooling anyone.

There may be some hide-a-key fake rocks out there that do work well. Just keep in mind the placement of the rock if you do decide to go with this option.

If you hide your fake rock among other rocks it will be less obvious to potential burglars. But if you put the fake rock on your front porch when there are no other rocks around, it’s pretty obvious that it is only there to hide a key.

#3. Stopping Leaving And Extra Key In Your Wallet

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

Having your wallet stolen is stressful enough. But if there was an extra house key in your wallet the thief now has your address and a key.

In addition, many of us keep our regular keys and our wallet in the same bag. So, if someone else has that bag, that means you have lost both your regular keys and your spare keys.

Additional places you should never use to hide house keys:

  • Under a flower pot
  • Above the front door
  • In fake sprinkler heads

The truth is, most thieves are lazy and not that bright. Many times, if they do not find an easy way into your home quickly, they will move onto another home that looks easier to break into.

This does not guarantee that your home will never be robbed, but you don’t have to make it easier for a burglar to find your keys.

Now, you’re probably thinking, so where should I hide extra keys instead?

Safer Options For Hiding House Keys

A good idea is to leave an extra set of keys at a trusted neighbors house.

And consider this:

Most thieves will attempt to enter your home through the front door. So if you must hide keys on your property, consider a spot in your backyard instead.

Another option:

Talk to our experts about beefing up your home security. Find out if keyless entry locks are right for you. And, we can advise you on lock brands and styles that are the best for your specific security needs. Motion sensor lights are another great way to scare away thieves.

So, try to avoid hiding your house keys in the locations discussed here and when in doubt, you can always turn to our experts for help.

Contact King Locksmiths today to learn more about your home security options.

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