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Chipped Keys with King Locksmiths

Need new Chipped Keys / Transponder Keys?

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Chipped Keys

Chipped Keys

One of the most important parts of a person’s car is its key.  When this becomes lost or is damaged you will be unable to start the vehicle.  Our King Locksmiths technicians are especially trained to handle all types of automobile keys including chipped keys.  This is also called a magnetic coupled transponder system.

Chipped keys were developed in response to the many auto thefts occurring when regular keys were copied by car thieves.  Most modern make cars or trucks have what is called an immobilizer and the chipped key works by sending an electronic message to disarm it and start the motor. When something goes wrong with the key in the Maryland and Washington DC areas we can supply the fastest service possible, whether it involves a key replacement, copy or duplicate.

Our highly trained technicians with over 5+ years of experience are trained in all details regarding chipped keys.  They have the skills to copy, duplicate or make a complete replacement key for your car.  There is no need to give up the convenience of your automobile simply because something goes wrong with the key.

When you have a chipped key problem we at King Locksmiths can have one of our personnel on the job in a matter of minutes.  We are a family business and can personally understand the frustration of having problems regarding any kind of key.

Transponder Keys

Transponder Keys

We provide:

•       24 hour 7 days a week service
•       Highly trained technicians
•       All service guaranteed
•       Fully bonded and insured personnel
•       Friendly staff
•       High tech equipment and tools
•       Copy, make or duplicate any automobile key
•       Discounts to seniors, students and veterans

There is no reason for you to suffer the inconvenience of a key mishap causing a delay in your travel plans when we can be on the job and solve your problem in a matter of minutes with a key replacement or other required work.   We are happy to provide any service regarding chipped keys, including copying, replacement or duplicating in the Washington DC and Maryland areas and guarantee customer satisfaction.

•       Maryland: 240-345-1455
•       Washington DC: 202-800-2622
•       Toll Free: 877-285-0408
Call King Locksmiths – Chipped Key Service 24/7

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